Project Slam is an initiative to utilize open source programs, operating systems, and tools to aid in defending against nefarious adversaries. The overall focus is to research adversary’s behavior and utilize the data that can be captured to generate wordlists, blacklists, and expose methodologies of various threat actors that can be provided back to the public in a meaningful and useful way.

The Slam Report will be a report that will be generated Jan 2017 with the results that were found throughout the year along with a data dump of the information that was aggregated throughout the year.

2016 (v1): A medium interaction executed on a US cloud based deployment honeypot to aggregate attempted brute force wordlists including most commonly brute forced usernames and passwords. Project Slam is also aggregating IPs and methods from people accessing the honeypot interface.

2017 (v2): A full interaction honeypot utilizing docker and a full network of operating systems to identify an attackers methodologies.  Version 2.0 is still in the development phase and will go into testing later this year. If you are interested in testing or developing the infrastructure shoot me an email and we will brainstorm how you can get involved.

There is already a 5-month partial data dump on some of the information that we have found and some of the passwords that we have found on GitHub as a Repository. You can check it out here.

If you have ideas on how Project Slam could be better also shoot me an email.